About me

I'm a computer programmer living in the central belt of Scotland, along with my partner, three cats and two dogs.  I'm a member of the SNP and supporter of Scottish Independence, so am not an impartial observer of the Scottish political scene.

I love reading, computer gaming, cooking, working out, music and did I mention I love reading?

I started this blog after the referendum on Scottish Independence.  I participated in quite a few comment threads  on matters Scottish and found I enjoyed writing about such topics.  I'm not a political insider, however, and I have no specialist knowledge in the area (other than being Scottish!)  All opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone, unless explicitly noted otherwise, so feel free to agree or disagree :)

You can follow me on Twitter on @aitchbee2000 and you can e-mail me at outoftheshortbreadtin@gmail.com

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